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We cannot take any more bee package or NUC orders at the moment

The availability of packages and NUCs has turned into a very fluid situation.  Weather in California and Colorado have contributed to poor hive quality in the colonies returning from the almond groves.

We've temporarily shut down the taking of new orders until we can get a firm count on what is available and when.

This page will come back online as soon as possible.  Check back for updates.

We'll post further updates on this page as we get more information.

As of now:

We have some queens (unknown qty) coming in with which to make NUCs.

We have some packages (unknown qty) coming in this Saturday (29th).

More packages (unknown qty) should be available near the end of May.


For your patience and understanding.  We are doing our best with a bad situation.  It just appears that everything is running about 1 month behind schedule (including trees and plants) of where we normally are at this time of year.  Please try to limit phone calls and emails because we are pretty swamped with them :-)